Your frequently Asked Questions

When does the 15 days trial period start?

The free trial lasts 15 days from the date of the first connection to the HabilUp app.

Est-ce que vous livrez en Espagne ?

Yes, this is possible.

Do you deliver HabilUp kits to Canada?

Yes, We currently deliver HabilUp in Europe and in Canada.

Is this item delivered and billed in Switzerland?

Yes. HabilUp kits are available in Switzerland

If I decide to stop subscribing, what do I do with the kit?

The HabilUp kit is equivalent to a video game controller, we do not take it back when our customers have decided to stop using it. 

Do you have special rates for professionals? A longer trial period?

Indeed, we have special rates for healthcare professionals. The trial period for the pros is 30 days. 

What are the conditions for a demo for individuals please?

We offer Skype demonstrations in 30-minute time slots.

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