HabilUp for clinics and hospitals

Un kit ludique et facile à prendre en main

Thanks to HabilUp, therapists save time and therefore have more time to focus on individual patient needs.

Un parcours rééducatif ludique et motivant

HabilUp users have found that using video games in their rehabilitation improves their motivation to do their exercises.

Un outil high-tech léger et pratique

The sensors are lightweight and easily transportable. The application is very sophisticated but simple to use.

Adaptable sensors

The HabilUp sensors can be placed on any limb to rehabilitate it: ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow and shoulder. On the app, you can select the limb and the exercise you want to perform.

The patient-therapist interface

To facilitate rehabilitation sessions and remote patient follow-up.

On the app, you can create a file for each patient with 4 sections:
  • Exercise prescription : schedule personalized rehabilitation sessions

  • Tele-consultation : to help the patient to do his exercises live; 

  • Follow-up dashboard : to observe the patient's progress over time; 

  • Motor rehabilitation review to carry out an assessment of the patient's progress. Other types of assessments will come according to your needs.

  • Pain mapping: to follow the variation of the pain felt by the patient according to the movements.

More than 100 professionals use HabilUp for the rehabilitation of their patients


Our ultra-sensitive sensors can measure motion amplitude from 5 degrees.

Session scheduling

Therapists can schedule exercise sessions tailored to each patient, choose the exercise, the number of repetitions, and its duration.

Rehabilitation through video games

With over 20 games available on the app, we can adapt to every patient! Each game has different levels of difficulty, adapted to different levels of mental age and motor skills, which will suit the specificities of each patient.

Tracking of results

The dashboard allows you to follow the progress of each patient, to observe his results after the rehabilitation sessions, and to make a physiotherapy assessment based on the data.

Chose the HabilUp experience!

The fun, interactive et playful motor rehabilitation method !


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Testimonials from therapists

Again this morning the children I met were super happy! Word of one of the children of the IEM with cerebral palsy: "It was really cool UBIQUE and you saw, I used my hand well!"

Elodie Ramos, Occupational therapist

UBIQUE responds to a real need for rehabilitation, and adjustments are quick. It motivates children to make their movements and they do not even realize it.

Adeline Avril, Occupational therapist

I am absolutely delighted, thanks to UBIQUE I manage to ask the children to do exercises that they refused to do until then. In addition, they continue to progress at home for those who have UBIQUE at home.

Isabelle Sicre, physiotherapist

We have a youngster who has juvenile polyarthritis with whom we tested UBIQUE and who was delighted, when we usually have a hard time getting him to stick to our exercises over several sessions.

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