Your frequently Asked Questions

What is the age required to play HabilUp?

HabilUp is intended for children and adults with cerebral palsy (2.5 minimum) in order to motivate them in their rehabilitation. We have also noticed through our users that HabilUp could meet the needs of other pathologies such as: Hemiplegia, spastic diplegia, Spastic quadriplegic, Tetraplegic, Hemiparesis, Spastic tetraparesis, dystonia, hypertonia, hyperhypothony, peripheral limb hypertonia, CDG syndrome (polyhandicap), genetic syndrome FOXG1 (global retardation: motor and cognitive), dyspraxia. This list is not exhaustive and we invite you to contact us so that our occupational therapy specialists can answer to your questions.

What is the frequency of use of HabilUp?

There is no limit on the use of HabilUp. However, you can ask your child's therapist for advice on the type of exercise to do.

Is it possible to follow the evolution of the user with HabilUp ?

We have set up a table that shows and tracks the progress of the user. One of the data available is the evolution of a member’s range of motion.

We only deliver line data, which can be evaluated by the user according to his needs.

Does the opening of the thumb is in motion possible with HabilUp ?

The sensors can hardly be placed at thumb level given their size. Our sensors are generally used around the hand, elbow, shoulder, hip, leg (knee) and foot.

My son is a boy with epilepsy BMI who is almost 8 years old. I wanted to know if UBIQUE was suitable for this kind of situation or not ?

We are not sure it works with all children with epilepsy. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor and contact us so that we can discuss your child's case.

Is it possible to work fine motor skills with your hand?

In the case of children with hemiparesis, HabilUp motivates them to use their affected limbs thanks to our video games specially designed for them, with the help of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychomotor therapists. We currently have 12 video games for all ages (from 3 years old), and we develop approximately two new video games every month that we make available to HabilUp users for free on our mobile app.

3 movements are possible on our games: Flexion / Extension, Deviation and Pronosupination.

We offer Skype demonstrations on 30-minute slots. This will certainly allow you to have an answer to your questions about how to use HabilUp, and its impact on the child's progress.

Is for children with dystonic movements possible to use HabilUp?

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm this information. However, you have two weeks after receipt of the HabilUp kit to return it to us in case the device is not adapted to your needs.

How long does HabilUp video games last ?

There is no specific duration on all games: some have multiple levels, others last until the player has no more lives, etc.

Why is my username and password not recognized ?

You can change your password the first time you log into the app. In case of problems, please contact us at:

With which identifiers should you log in when you first launch the HabilUp application ?

Your login details will be emailed to you upon receipt of your HabilUp Kit.

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