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Back-to-School Tips For Children With Cerebral Palsy


Back-to-School Season Back-to-school is an exciting time, but for children with cerebral palsy or other disabilities, it can also be very challenging and stressful. It may go without saying, but no two kids are the same, and every child’s home and learning environments are unique. That said, there are several things that can be key […]

Cerebral Palsy and Body Temperature Regulation

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Cerebral Palsy and Body Temperature Regulation Tips to ensure your kids stay safe this summer Many children with cerebral palsy have difficulties regulating their body temperature. In a study of 374 children with cerebral palsy, 30% of parents reported that their child had body temperature regulation problems. When your child has cerebral palsy, the end […]

Physical Therapy Customer Spotlight

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Physical Therapy Customer Spotlight Over the last several months, Ubique Tech has reached out to centers in the United States providing pediatric physical therapy services to introduce our fun and easy-to-use device. With their curiosity and openness to try new techniques, certain physical therapists wanted to test out the technology with their patients. After being tried, […]

The outcome of frequent cerebral palsy treatment

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Cerebral Palsy patients achieving noticeable results The effectiveness of a long-term, integrated rehabilitation programs for children with cerebral palsy Children with cerebral palsy require frequent, continuous therapy to see improvement in their gross motor function.(National Library of Science) A sample of 40 children (20 tetraparesis, 12 with diparesis, and 8 with hemiparesis) tested this feasibility. The […]