The outcome of frequent cerebral palsy treatment

cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy patients achieving noticeable results

The effectiveness of a long-term, integrated rehabilitation programs for children with cerebral palsy

Children with cerebral palsy require frequent, continuous therapy to see improvement in their gross motor function.(National Library of Science)

A sample of 40 children (20 tetraparesis, 12 with diparesis, and 8 with hemiparesis) tested this feasibility.

The study concluded that, « Children undergoing the intensive intermittent intervention showed the greatest motor function improvement. Results support the effectiveness of the integrated intervention and of periods of higher frequency intervention in young children ».

Read more about this study here: National Library of Science

Infrequent therapy sessions, lack of insurance coverage, and low levels of motivation are a few of the obstacles preventing children from undergoing the necessary rehabilitation that they require to see measurable results.

How patients can keep pushing forward

Since cerebral palsy patients need repeated, on-going therapy to produce noticeable improvement, one way to avoid a plateau is by switching up the usual routine (adding variety) and dramatically increasing the number of repetitions (volume).

While therapists are skilled at keeping things varied, volume is difficult. Especially when patients are limited to only a few sessions per week.

Furthermore, during traditional therapy, most patients only accomplish 32 repetitions per half-hour session. This simply isn’t enough to spark changes in the brain. The brain requires hundreds of repetitions to produce meaningful changes.

And this is where HabilUp comes in to play.

cerebral palsy

HabilUp makes it possible to nearly triple the number of exercise repetitions in comparison to traditional therapy.

Can you imagine how noticeable patients’ improvements would be if they accomplished that much repetition day in and day out…

By incorporating HabilUp into your patients’ exercise regimens, you can maximize their results. HabilUp is designed to empower users to accomplish the necessary repetitions to see noticeable results.

We can’t wait to see what they’re able to accomplish when they get the variety and volume they need to succeed.

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