HabilUp Video Games

This is where you will find all the games available on the platform, the recommendations, the tutorials and the movements worked. To facilitate you access to the games according to your wishes, members to work and recommendations of healthcare professionals, we have classified them into 4 large families: those that allow you to work on speed, those that focus on precision, those that strengthen endurance and finally those that help to develop your reflexes.


Games working speed that are recommended by our users

The possible movements with each of these games

Food cutting game transports you into the skin of a cook. You will have to make recipes by cutting the right foods to make the chef happy. At your knives!

Flexion-extension of the wrist

In Runner Game, you play as a child running to school. Problem: there are many obstacles on the way! Jump, roll and grab your books on the way to win!

Flexion-extension of the wrist

Flexion-extension of the elbow


Games working accuracy recommended by our users

The possible movements with each of these games

In Save Humanity, you need to build the largest rocket possible to send it into space, but be careful not to drop the rocket parts next door! How many passengers will you be able to send to Mars?

Flexion-extension of the wrist

In this game you are a basketball player, and you will be able to test your throwing skills. Score as many hoops as possible without hitting the various obstacles on the field.

Flexion-extension of the wrist

Flexion-extension of the elbow

Flexion-extension of the shoulder

Prono-supination of the elbow

Prono-supination of the shoulder

Airplane puts you in the shoes of a pilot. Aboard your small plane, perform aerial acrobatics by passing through the hoops in the air! Airplane will please the greatest, who will have fun trying to make the best score on the many levels!

Flexion-extension of the wrist


Endurance games recommended by our users

The possible movements with each of these games

Fireworks takes you into an explosion of colors! Organize the most beautiful fireworks festival in Paris, New York, Moscow and many other big cities, by launching fireworks!

Flexion-extension of the wrist

Prono-supination du poignet

Flexion-extension of the elbow

Prono-supination of the elbow

Prono-supination de la cheville

Flexion-extension of the ankle

Beat your soccer juggle record with Foot juggler! By doing a flexion-extension move, you can juggle with the ball. Be careful not to drop it if you want to beat your record!

Flexion-extension of the knee

Flexion-extension of the ankle

Bowling transports you into the middle of a fiery game of bowling. Aim in the right place with the right power to knock down the most pins. Will you be able to strike?

Flexion-extension of the wrist


Games working on the reflexes recommended by our users

The possible movements with each of these games

Birds Fly High will awaken the amateur photographer in you! On a train, you take a picture of the birds that pass by your window to collect them in your album. It is a soothing game, which will please the little ones as well as the big ones.

Have you ever dreamed of drifting on the roads at full speed after seeing an action film? Drifters is for you! In this game you have to drift as much as possible and arrive first in the race!

Flexion-extension of the wrist

HabilUp on a daily basis

What does HabilUp allow?

Regular use of HabilUp improves various aspects of motor skills.

Regular use of HabilUp over the long term help to progress on 4 aspects of mobility, thanks to various type of exercises that you will find on the application:

  • Speed: several repetitions of the same movement in a short time;
  • Precision: maintain an accurate angle of its range of motion;
  • Reflex: make the movement at a specific moment in time;
  • Endurance : there is a noticeable increase in the number of repetitions per exercise.

How does HabilUp act?

The wide variety of games on the app helps maintain motivation.

HabilUp acts on patient motivation by two ways:

  • Playing video games while performing rehabilitation exercises motivates patients to do exercises they had difficulty to do before;
  • The long-term motivation of users is greatly increased: with a list of video games already on the App and one new game each month, patients no longer get bored doing their motor exercises at home.

On average, a user does 4 sessions on HabilUp per week, with at least a 30 minutes session each time.

An example of progress thanks to HabilUp

Little Arthur, 8, learned How to coordinate his movements with a screen after 7 months of using UBIQUE TECH device.

Thanks to the variety of games, which make work different aspects of motor skills, and with several levels of difficulty, the child can progress at his own pace and according to his own abilities.

After 7 months of regular use of HabilUp, 8-year-old Arthur learned to play the Nintendo Wii, because HabilUp taught him how to coordinate his movements with what is happening on the screen.

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