Make motor rehabilitation fun

Thanks to our sensors linked by Bluetooth to the HabilUp application, users can choose the type of physical exercise to perform, its difficulty, its duration, and play a video game while doing their rehabilitation.

A fun motor rehabilitation

HabilUp makes motor rehabilitation fun and fun: repetitive exercises become an opportunity to have fun! Each player will find something for himself among the many games in the application developed by UBIQUE TECH, which are updated every month.

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A solution for everyone

UBIQUE TECH offers a wide choice of games adapted to different mental age levels, ranging from 3 years to 80 years.
HabilUp allows people with or without motor disabilities to control therapeutic games thanks to the ultra-sensitive settings of our sensors, with ranges of movement from 5 degrees.

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How it works?

After receiving the HabilUp motion sensors by post, simply download the HabilUp application on a smartphone or tablet and follow the steps on the instructions to begin rehabilitation.

Notre partenaire Teleplay Therapy accompagne les patients ayant un handicap moteur dans leur rééducation motrice à domicile en utilisant HabilUp.

Why choose HabilUp?

We are recognized and praised by:

Parents of users:

More than 3000 hours of play with our rehabilitation device

Over 1000 active users

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Adult users:

20 minutes of use per session on average

3 sessions on average per week

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Centers and therapists:

More than 100 professionals use HabilUp with their patients

4 members used per patient on average

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An offer adapted for professionals and a personalized offer for individuals

Individuals at home

The HabilUp kit is the ideal companion for physical exercises or motor rehabilitation at home . The device can be used independently or with the help of a loved one. There is a version of the HabilUp kit for children and for adults.

Centers and practices

The HabilUp kit is used with patients during in- office (neuro) motor rehabilitation sessions by occupational therapists, psychomotor therapists and physiotherapists. It makes it possible to organize individual or collective sessions in health establishments, in particular reception centers for people with disabilities, rehabilitation clinics and hospitals .

UBIQUE TECH is present in 17 countries

France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, England, Canada, United States, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Oman, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Luxembourg, Singapore

A high-tech tool for rehabilitation

The kit is composed of:

Two portable sensors that can be placed on all joints and measure the patient's movements. The data is instantly sent to the application accessible on smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth .

An iOS / Android game application receives the movement data. In this same application, you will be able to play twenty games with any movement and any limb.

➝ A patient monitoring application that allows the therapist to prescribe a rehabilitation program on the patient's agenda, to do teleconsultation sessions or simply observe the patient's movements, to follow his progress on a dashboard, and finally to do a physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychomotricity assessment .

What our users say

"He thinks he's playing a console like his cousins. He doesn't realize he's re-educating himself."


"A great rehabilitation tool that patients play with!"


"My daughter started when she was not even 3 years old, I recommend it!"


"While in confinement, Ugo continues to rehabilitate with UBIQUE TECH and he loves the new games, especially Food Cutting. I really don't regret our investment, especially at this time."

Gwenaëlle Pingot

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