Our History

  • From the idea to the concept

    How to make the repeated movements more fun and more engaging in order to stay motivated? That's the question Ali asked himself in 2018 when visiting a friend in Australia. His friend was victim of a stroke and began a functional rehabilitation which is repetitive, painful and last over a long period.


  • The creation of UBIQUE TECH

    The meeting of Ali and Hassan led to the creation of UBIQUE TECH. They joined the accelerator of Polytechnique at Paris, then the incubator of the Paris Dauphine Foundation and quickly arouses the interest of Paris Biotech Santé, which is one of the best national healthcare incubator.


  • Fundraising

    The year 2020 marks an acceleration in the development of UBIQUE TECH. Many of you believed in us and our project to allow UBIQUE TECH to work on new therapeutic games thanks to new partnerships with rehabilitation centers.


  • HabilUp rehabilitation device

    UBIQUE TECH is segmenting its offer and now offers a device intended for healthcare professionals and one to meet the needs of individuals who wish to do their rehabilitation at home.


A complementary team

Ali, a polytechnician and technology enthusiast, and Hassan, a social entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist founded UBIQUE, a company whose goal is to enable children and adults to do their motor rehabilitation at home, through therapeutic games.

The team behind UBIQUE TECH

Ali Azadi
Founder and CTO

Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique Paris, Telecom Paris Tech and Dauphine, Ali is passionate about the IT sector in which he spent more than 10 years before founding UBIQUE TECH.

Hassan Lahlou
Founder and CMO/CSO

ESSEC Business School graduate, Hassan worked as a Strategy consultant and Business director for a health startup in London before founding UBIQUE TECH.

Video Games Designer

In parallel with his Master's degree of Game Art at ISART, Calvin joined UBIQUE TECH as a Game Artist.

Video Project Manager

Saeed has 10 years of experience in video game development.
He joined UBIQUE TECH in 2018.

Business Developer

Etudiante à l’ESSEC , Margaux a passé les 5 dernières années outre-Atlantique dans le cadre de ses études scientifiques. Aujourd’hui, elle metà profit sa connaissance du système de santé canadien pour contribuer au développement d’UBIQUE à l’international.

Business Developer

En cours de Master Healthcare Business à la Faculté d’Ingénierie et de Management de la Santé à Lille, Marine a toujours eu une certaine sensibilité pour le domaine de la santé. Elle est enthousiasteà l’idée de partager le projet d’Ubique avec le plus grand nombre.

Business Developer

After previous experience working with children and people with disabilities, Christina is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Business and European Management at the Université d’Orléans. She is passionate about doing meaningful work.

Advisors / investors


Bruno has over 20 years of insurance experience and works with several startups. He is Polytechnique school, ENSAE and the London School of Economics graduate.


Jean-Baptiste has a strong marketing experience. He was previously in charge of a medical company offering a gamified solution in France and USA. He is a graduate of Polytechnique School and ENSAE.

Laurent Degos

Laurent holds a PhD in Human Biology and a degree in Biomedical Research Management from Harvard School of Public Health. He has held several senior positions, including member of St John of God Foundation for the Disabled.

They have contributed to the success of UBIQUE TECH

Our Values


Empathy nurture sympathy, compassion, consideration and caring. A core value system for us.


 We fight against exclusion. We strive for a society that is open to diversity, difference and disability.  


La curiosité, l’ambition etl’innovation viennent nourrir cette valeur. Nous nous évertuons à être audacieux pour vous accompagner au mieux.


We apply this essential principle to our operations both internally and externally with all of our stakeholders.


People are the heart of our business. We always act by preserving this key value in the development of our projects.


  Elle se retrouve dans toutes les actions que nous menons, la qualité de nos contenus éditoriaux etles services que nous vous proposons.


Our team is committed to supporting you in your choice of adapted devices and finally in your rehabilitation.


This social value implies tolerance and lack of judgment. At UBIQUE TECH we promote mutual support to people in need.

The meeting that has launched UBIQUE

The story has begun after Ali met children with cerebral palsy during a motor rehabilitation session at a CPA centre (Cerebral Palsy Alliance) in Sidney.

By observing them, Ali saw that the children were tired of repeating the same movements several times. After interacting with therapists, he understood that these children had to make the same movements daily, for several years, in order to maintain their motor skills.

From the birth of the project...

He then had the idea to set up motion sensors coupled to a game application. This would allow children to play different, challenging video games each time, and make them forget the repetitive aspect of the exercises.

Finally, it would improve the quality of life of children, for whom these daily exercises would become a game, while allowing them to perform these exercises from home, reducing the cost of travel and sessions, and reduce inequality in care.

...until today

UBIQUE Kids was the first product launched by UBIQUE TECH to make rehabilitation fun for children. In response to the success of the UBIQUE Kids kit among users and therapists, and to the demand of adults, we have developed Habilup.

Habilup est lanouvelle version pour enfants et adulte du kit, qui aide à la rééducation motrice des enfants, adultes et personnes âgées devant faire de la rééducation motrice régulièrement, en la rendant ludique.

At the same time, we have developed a UBIQUE platform for therapists, centers and clinics, where therapists can schedule exercises for their patients, monitor their progress and do teleconsultation.