Physical Therapy Customer Spotlight

physical therapy

Physical Therapy Customer Spotlight

Over the last several months, Ubique Tech has reached out to centers in the United States providing pediatric physical therapy services to introduce our fun and easy-to-use device. With their curiosity and openness to try new techniques, certain physical therapists wanted to test out the technology with their patients. After being tried, tested, and proven, we want to share these experiences with our readers!

Jaxon’s Physical Therapy Story

Parents of children in need of physical therapy also use HabilUp to continue their child’s physical therapy at home! Jaxon, 5 years old with cerebral palsy, began using HabilUp at his local United Cerebral Palsy affiliate. He had so much fun playing HabilUp video games! His family decided to bring HabilUp home to continue therapy.

Customer Spotlight

« I learned about the device through therapy at UCPOC. Jaxon lost himself in the game while using his left arm (his affected arm) to play. He loves to play on his iPad but always with his right hand. I saw this as a fun and simple way to incorporate therapy at home. He had so much fun doing it and play is the best type of therapy! » – Valerie, Jaxon’s mom

physical therapy

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Physical Therapy at United Cerebral Palsy

According to their website, United Cerebral Palsy is « an international nonprofit charitable organization consisting of a network of affiliates. UCP affiliates provide services and support on a community-by-community basis, serving the unique needs of people with disabilities in their network ».

Last Spring 2021, Ubique Tech began reaching out to United Cerebral Palsy affiliates to introduce HabilUp. Unlimited Possibilities (UP), formerly UCP of Orange County, in Santa Ana, California, graciously accepted our invitation to connect and learn about our project. Following a demonstration of the device, the physical therapists at UCP were enthusiastic about trying out HabilUp in their center! We sent them a kit and the physical therapists incorporated the adaptive video games into their children’s rehabilitation sessions.

All thanks to UCP’s openness in trying out HabilUp, Jaxon found a fun tool he could use to continue his physical therapy at home!

Our thanks

We want to say a BIG ‘thank you’ to Valerie and UCP of Orange County for their trust in Ubique! In addition, thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We cannot grow and spread the word of our technology for pediatric physical therapy without our pioneer customers willing to try it out first. On top of that, your feedback helps us continually modify and improve the technology to better suit the needs of the individuals who use it.

Thank you!

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