Pediatric Physical Therapy Customer Spotlight

pediatric physical therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Over the last several months, Ubique Tech has reached out to pediatric physical therapy practices in the United States to introduce our fun and easy-to-use device. With their curiosity and openness to try new techniques, certain physical therapists wanted to test out the technology with their patients. After being tried, tested, and proven, we want to share these experiences with our readers!

Customer Spotlight

« The Ubique Tech team has been awesome to work with. They have created a wearable interface with app based games that can be tailored to many of our young patients and teens to motivate and encourage active movements. The kids take quickly to it and it’s super easy to set up and start using. It’s fun and encouraging to see these types of interventions be developed for us in pediatrics! » – Matt

pediatric physical therapy

About Matt’s Pediatric Physical Therapy

Matt (Physical Therapist) at PediaFlex is passionate about helping kids with neuro-developmental disabilities. He has extensive experience treating infants, young children and teenagers throughout his career. At PediaFlex, they are committed to kids with special needs, through care that is traditional, proven and professional. PediaFlex gives special attention to the dynamics of learning, growing, moving, sensing, and interacting. This allows these functional outcomes to be meaningful.

HabilUp                       HabilUp

Matt’s Experience with HabilUp Pediatric Physical Therapy Technology

Used among fifteen patients in his practice aged 3-21, Matt found that the functionalities of the HabilUp application suited his patients’ needs. Furthermore, he appreciated the reliability of the technology. It is quick and easy to set up, and it is not glitchy.

Matt likes incorporating fun and motivating activities into functional activities to make visits to his pediatric physical therapy practice more enjoyable. Like us at Ubique, his focus is to help kids enjoy a better quality of life and become more independent!

pediatric physical therapy

‘Thank you!’ to our Pediatric Physical Therapists

We want to say a BIG ‘thank you’ to Matt and his PT Assistant, Kelsey, for their trust in Ubique! In addition, thank you for sharing this feedback with us. We cannot grow and spread the word of our technology for pediatric physical therapy without our pioneer customers willing to try it out first. On top of that, your feedback helps us continually modify and improve the technology to better suit the needs of the patients who use it.

Thank you!

pediatric physical therapy

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